While the emerging disciplines and practices of effective sales enablement are taking shape as I type, a gut check now and then on progress makes sense. Stories are what I like to hear, because I can judge pretty well whether my organization could do what another did. It's a lot like science – do you think you could duplicate that experiment and get the same results?

This Friday, June 3rd, in Burlington, Mass., I will push some peers on the main stage, and folks in the audience as well, to make real for each other the pains and progress they have experienced in tackling the SE challenge at their organizations during the Mass Technology Leadership Council Summit. To get the conversation started, I will tee up what Forrester is seeing and suggesting, and afterwards we will turn to two panels for more of our collective reality check. The first features two pairs of sales and marketing executives working as a sales enablement team at their respective companies who will share what alignment means in practical terms, and more importantly, what it gets them in the way of enablement results. 

The second panel will go deeper into the tools and techniques each is using to drive some measurable success. And yes, I will push them to get specific . . .

If you have a story to share here, what you did, how you did it, please do. If you want to hear some others and can make it to Burlington, Mass. on Friday, I will look for you.