Don't worry, I'm not planning on going anywhere just yet! In fact, I love what I do at Forrester: Put simply, I look for the most interesting and difficult-to-answer questions in interactive marketing, I spend a month talking to really smart people and collecting data on those questions, and then I write reports and give speeches that answer those questions for our clients. (My favorite recent questions have included "What's the best way to use interactive marketing as a branding channel?" and "How can marketers use social data?") In the process I get to collaborate with fantastic, thought-leading colleagues like Shar VanBoskirk, Sean Corcoran, Thomas Husson, and Zach Hofer-Shall; I get to dig into the best and richest data anywhere in the industry; and I get to work for some amazing clients all over the world. It's a pretty sweet gig.

If this sounds like fun to you, you're in luck — because we're looking to add to our London-based team by hiring another principal analyst serving Interactive Marketing Professionals. In this role you'd be working alongside me, Christine OverbyLucilla De Sarlo, James McDavid, and many other great coworkers. Go ahead and check out the formal job description; you can either apply through the online tool or drop me a line if you have questions: nelliott at forrester dot com.