When I look back at our predictions for 2011, we focused on the changes needed in the IM organization. Specifically the need to tear down walls between channels. We urged marketers to be customer-obsessed rather than channel-obsessed because we saw the dawn of a new consumer, one who uses tablets while they watch TV, uses social networks more often on their phone than on their computer, and who doesn't think of their "inbox" as just their Gmail account, but as any message they happen to get on any screen they happen to be looking at. Well, I certainly hope you listened to our prediction for 2011, because if you haven't started coordinating your interactive marketing efforts, you won't be ready for 2012, when the truly multiscreen consumer emerges.

Today, our predictions for 2012 come out. We foresee a year where the consumer is "always on" and demands a custom experience from the companies they do business with. Think about it, which companies do you allow in your pocket? Only the few who you really need, or like, or are entertained by. In 2012 we predict that marketers must:

  • Customize messaging across screens, and at scale
  • Ditch mobile ads for mobile "value-adds"
  • Move pilots offshore to emerging markets

Also talked about as "niche marketing at scale," customized messaging must be channel-agnostic. Consumers won't care that you use different vendors for email or social media messaging. They'll just see clutter. And they will be annoyed if you send them an advertisement for children's pants half price if they don't have kids. The more you know about your customer, the more easily you can customize your messaging. 2012 is the year you earn their trust, so that you're one of the select few who they do pay attention to on their iPhone while going to meet a customer, or waiting in line, or sitting on the couch. We've got a lot of detailed predictions in our new document to help you make sense of 2012 as well as a teleconference to further illustrate our predictions. Make it count.