Springtime in London will bring the Forrester eBusiness and Channel Strategy Summit (May 23).  The event will focus on how progressive organizations are actually executing effectively in serving their customers across a complex array of touchpoints.  In particular, we'll spend a good deal of time talking about the impact mobile is having on how we all effectively serve customers.  Julie Ask will lead us off on that topic from her vast knowledge in the mobile space.  She and Thomas Husson recently published their much-read Mobile Trends assessment for this year — great read. 

Also, Martin Gill and Peter Sheldon will tag team on a session about how to execute on a “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere” strategy. They will build on their recently published research like European Online Retail: Five Trends to Watch in 2012 (European eBusiness Executives Strive to Give Their Customers Choices and Flexibility Across the Purchase Journey) and The Digitization of the In-Store Experience (Mobile Devices and Interactive Displays are Redefining The In-Store Experience for Sales Associates and Customers Alike). It's not just about retail, they'll cite examples across many vertical industries.

At the end of the event, Carrie Johnson and Auke Douwe Veenstra will join me and Martin to offer a rapid-fire set of actionable insights from our research and examples for the new generation of eBusiness. Benjamin Ensor has written about some of speakers from the industry who have graciously agreed to speak.  Please read his blog