I am embarrassed to admit that I have lived in the California Bay Area for 18 years and have yet to venture outside of the Los Angeles airport. Some have told me that I "am not missing much," yet others are surprised…as if one is never truly a "Californian" unless you have been to LA for a visit. Well…this year will be my first official visit "in" LA…and excited that the reason for breaking my 18-year streak is Forrester's 2012 Marketing Leadership Forum!  My Tech Marketing (i.e., "Travis Martin") colleagues and I have a very energetic, interactive, and fun session in store for you. Join us to learn how to improve your marketing strategies by using "journey marketing" to engage with your customers.  Peter Burris and Chris Kelley will kick off our TM track session  on April 18 with "Driving Revenue With Journey Marketing." I will follow Chris and Peter with "Getting From Good To Great: How To Create A Winning Social Marketing Strategy." On day two, Lori Wizdo is presenting: "Engage Customers With Lead Nurturing" and Peter O'Neill and Tim Harmon close our TM track session with "Marketing To Customer Value." 

In addition, I am hosting a special VIP breakfast session on Thursday, April 19, to share a new Forrester framework for building B2B tech communities called CLICK.  Attendees who participate will be able to influence the outcome of this new framework through open discussion and feedback.  If you are attending the forum and interested in this event, please send an email to kcelestre@forrester.com

I look forward to seeing you in LA!