I often tell audiences that if you want to see the future of B2B eCommerce, look to the present and recent past of B2C eCommerce. Be it personalization, robust search, or targeted pricing, B2B eBusiness and channel strategy professionals today are closely studying B2C eCommerce for proven opportunities to drive more business online.   

On October 25 at the Forrester eBusiness and Channel Strategy Forum in Chicago, I’ll be highlighting how the best and most innovative B2B eCommerce organizations are incorporating B2C best practices into their plans, processes, and platforms. At the Forum, I’ll be discussing: 

  •  The impact consumerization is having on B2B eCommerce. Because all B2B customers are also B2C consumers, they’re comparing their B2B eCommerce experiences with gold-standard B2C eCommerce experiences from the likes of Amazon. And like B2C consumers these days, B2B customers demand that products and services be delivered faster, less expensively, and more conveniently than ever before. The bar has been raised . . . and B2B companies must deliver.
  • How successful B2B eCommerce organizations are leveraging classic B2C eCommerce principles. Early winners in the B2B eCommerce space have successfully incorporated B2C-like personalization, recommendations, interactivity, search, self-help, and ratings/reviews into their B2B eCommerce shopping experiences. Not everything from B2C will translate perfectly, or even at all, into B2B. But much will. And much already has.  
  • What will cross over next from the world of B2C eCommerce into the world of B2B eCommerce. As B2B continues to catch up with B2C, B2C continues to move forward. In the next 12 to 18 months, B2B eCommerce leaders will start adopting recent B2C innovations such as social logins and flash sales. But perhaps most importantly, mobile will be a game changer in B2B eCommerce in much the same way it’s been a game changer in B2C eCommerce. 

Join me on October 25 for what promises to be an interesting discussion about the influence B2C eCommerce is having on B2B eCommerce. If you’re a B2B’er, come and contribute your voice to the conversation. If you're a B2C’er, we're eager to hear your report about what eCommerce is like 15 minutes into the future. 

I look forward to seeing everyone there!