We are all facing some stiff and common head winds to achieving our companies' revenue goals in 2013.  Not the least of which is that the economy has reset itself into a "do-more-with-less" state. At the Forrester Forum in March, our growing community of sales enablement leaders and teams will tackle head on the core challenges to revenue acceleration including:

  • How do we overcome repeated cross-selling disappointments?
  • Our funnel fallout is out of control, how do we increase the odds of some new business actually closing?
  • Channel disruption is on the rise, what is our path to greater loyalty? 
  • Our market research is overwhelming in volume, how do we tease out the buyer insight sales people can use?
  • Our collateral is grossly underused in the field, how do we redesign something more useful?
  • Our sales force is so uneven in its performance, how do we develop our folks to be more consistently effective?

I would not want you to miss your chance to participate, collaborate, and take away both new inspiration and practical ideas on how to overcome these challenges and hit your goals in the new year.  So as you settle into planning your Q1, and the balance of your programs and initiatives for the year, please plan to join me and my growing team in Arizona in early March at this once-a-year event that has grown to be a must-attend happening in our emerging professional role focused on driving B2B revenue.  

And here is a timely tip, use SEHOLIDAY for a $400 saving up until the end of December when you register.

PS, It's nice in Arizona in March!