The opportunity China represents is undeniable, especially in light of the stalled economic recovery in both North America and Europe. However, as I write in my new report out today "Select The Right Interactive Agency In China," the consumer and technology landscape in China is changing faster than supermodels in between struts down the catwalk. And, the threat of failure looms large for brands with a shallow understanding of Chinese consumer behavior, cultural expectations, and digital platforms.

In order to successfully reach and engage digital and dynamic Chinese consumers, you are going to need to navigate the complexities that exist in this market. Historical, political, and cultural nuances, as well as a unique and fragmented digital marketing ecosystem, mean that you can't treat China as a single entity – – your marketing efforts must take into account key differences between regions, provinces, and even cities to be successful.   

If you're serious about marketing in China, you'll need the assistance of external interactive agency partners. But how should you wade through the dizzying number of them, since they all claim to have expertise in the market? And how can you ensure you hire the right agency that aligns with your marketing objectives?

In the report, for which we interviewed nine user companies and 18 agencies, we help you understand these challenges, make sense of the myriad interactive agency players, and rethink your agency selection strategy. Specifically, we recommend you use four key criteria to vet agencies for your digital efforts in China, including key questions you should address as a part of your evaluation.

I hope you enjoy the report. Please comment here or drop me a note at with any thoughts or questions. I am particularly interested in what digital marketing innovations you are observing or piloting in China, and how you are executing with your agency(ies) to capitalize on those opportunities. Cheers!