We are hard at work finalizing the content for the upcoming keynotes at Forrester's "Winning The Dynamic Digital Consumer In China" summit next week in Shanghai (#ForrForum). I'm so excited for everyone to hear our Forrester analyst and external industry keynote presenters on March 20th discuss what you need to drive successful multi-channel marketing and commerce strategies in China. To whet your appetite, I wanted to provide you with snapshots of the content for each keynote, and what you can expect to learn from each.

After breakfast sponsored by ShiquTech (Social Touch) to kickoff the day, Bryan Wang will present some of Forrester’s newest data from an online China survey we just got back from the field in Q4 2012. He will provide an in-depth analysis of the Chinese digital consumer, setting the baseline for reaching and winning them with your digital marketing and commerce strategies. In order to win the dynamic digital consumer in China in the age of the customer, you have to first understand your customer at a fundamental level. Only then can you effectively engage, market, sell, and serve them.

Nate Elliott will follow Bryan with a presentation entitled "How Digital Should Power Your Chinese Marketing Plan." He will demonstrate how you should build a marketing ecosystem that blends digital and traditional channels to create the reach, depth, and engagement you'll need to succeed in China. One key concept he will unveil is a "marketing RaDaR model" – if you don't know what that is, come join us for his speech! 

Accenture, our platinum sponsor, will follow Nate with their presentation "New Paradigms of Multi-Channel Customer Engagement." Speakers Patricio De Matteis and Christoph Loeffler from Accenture Interactive will bring to life practical examples of engaging with consumers in a new multi-channel world. I'm very interested to see their case studies highlighting effective and interactive multi-touchpoint client efforts. 

Mr. Thibault Villet, CEO of Glamour Sales China will provide insight into the digital marketing strategies his firm employs to drive effective, personalized engagement at scale with its targeted consumers. I'm particularly looking forward to his comments on how Glamour is investing in analytics to drive engagement within their digital marketing ecosystem.

Following our networking lunch and guest executive forums with gold sponsors Appconomy, Epsilon, Miaozhen Systems, and Orange Business ServicesZia Daniell Wigder will kickoff the afternoon with a scintillating discussion of what online shoppers value, what is missing from their experiences today, and how brands can differentiate themselves by building a truly compelling eCommerce experience that speaks to the unique demands of consumers in China.

We will then have two external industry speakers illustrate how their firms are maximizing their eCommerce opportunities in China. Mr. Lean Wang, will share how Lafaso (www.lefeng.com) is delivering a personalized brand experience in the B2C marketplace for its cosmetics products. And Mr. Alvin Lim, VP and Head of Consumer eBusiness at Citi, will expound on how the firm is driving profitable retail interactions with its consumers across touchpoints in APAC and China specifically.

Sprinkle in access to over ten Forrester analysts with expertise across customer experience, consumer market insights, interactive marketing, and eBusiness and channel strategy, plus phenomenal networking opportunities with over 100 executives in the Chinese market, and we will no doubt have a very stimulating and rewarding day. 

I hope you will join us. For those who haven't yet registered, there is still time! Simply register online here, or email cong@forrester.com. And, stay up to date on all event happenings by following #ForrForum on Twitter and Sina Weibo. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing all of you on March 20th in Shanghai!