Earlier today I was fortunate enough to participate in a BrightTalk webinar on the future of IT service management (ITSM) with these fabulous gentlemen:

If you want to watch the webinar on demand it can be found here (you will need to register if you are new to BrightTalk). What you won’t get with the on demand webinar (I think) is the full set of audience poll results, so I've included them here.

Intro polls:

Where are you based?

a.      Americas                                    66%

b.      Europe                                         25%

c.      Middle East / Africa                        4%

d.      Asia                                              4%

e.      Australia / New Zealand                   1%

A map of early registrants by Chris better shows the geo-diversity:

Where do you work?(employed or contracted)

a.      Business department                      7%

b.      IT department                           44%

c.      External IT service provider          10%

d.      Consultant/Trainer                        32%

e.      Other                                            7%

Stephen’s poll:

Are you and your IT organization equipped to deal with the challenges of modern IT service delivery?

a.      Yes, we kill at ITSM                                                          6%

b.      Yes, but we could still improve                                      51%

c.      No, but we have the plans and resources to get there           24%

d.      No, please send help                                                           7%

e.      Don't know or other                                                          13%

Mark’s poll:

What’s your organization’s highest IT priority?

a.      Lowering cost of IT                                                          19%

b.      Improving reliability of IT                                                  18%

c.      Increasing speed of change of IT                                         7%

d.      Using IT to improve business efficiency                          49%

e.      Using IT to improve business revenue                                   7%

James’ poll:

Who do you think will own the future of ITSM?

a.      The ITSM profession                    22%

b.      Whoever buys ITIL                       9%

c.      Vendors                                        4%

d.      The Business                              52%

e.      Users                                           14%

Chris’ poll:

What are the largest obstacles to emerging trends within your organization?

a.      Retooling                                     10%

b.      Skills/ Training                             18%

c.      Management support                     28%

d.      Compliance                                  12%

e.      Culture                                       32%

For once I won’t offer my thoughts but rather leave it up to you to point out and discuss anything you personally find interesting.

I await your comments. Well I say “await,” in reality I will occasionally look in to see what has been added.


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