We are in the midst of a mobile mind shift. This is not just about "mobile first" or apps. This is a complete change in the psychology of consumers.

In a change in behavior that can only be called Pavlovian, people with smart mobile devices request information and receive service. What's the weather? That's the weather. Where's the nearest Gelato shop? There it is. Does this laptop have good ratings? Sure it does. What are my friends up to on Facebook? Each request cements the idea that smartphone has everything you need. As a result, consumer start by requesting, then expecting, and then demanding that companies give them instant service. This is the mobile mind shift:

The expectation that any desired information or service is available, on any appropriate device, in context, at your moment of need.

But how far along are people on this shift? Have your customers made the shift? How many of them are demanding mobile utility?

To assess this, we created the mobile mind shift index, a way to measure how far along any individual is. It's a 100-point scale. US online adults score an average of 27.9. If your customers score more than 35, then it's urgent that you provide mobile utility — they will judge you based on the level of utility you provide. We also look at what proportion of your customers score above 40 – -the group we call the "shifted segments." If more than 35% of your customer base are in shifted segments, again, this means they are urgently demanding mobile utility from you.

We can score any group. Here's the scoring for E*TRADE and Fidelity customers for example. Now you can see why E*TRADE moved so rapidly to create great mobile and tablet apps. Their customers demanded it.

MMSI etrade
We're pretty excited about this tool, which let's any company analyze its customers on the mobile mind shift. To learn more, watch my webinar with Melissa Parrish. If you're a Forrester client, you can read the report here.