I’m excited to finally be able to talk publicly about our CX Forum East in New York at the end of June. The theme this year is “Boost Your Customer Experience To The Next Level.” We picked that theme because ever since last fall when we published Outside In, our book about customer experience, people have been asking us to show them how to either get started on the path to CX maturity or accelerate their progress. This forum is all about helping people create customized roadmaps for their organizations.

Megan Burns will kick off the first day of the event with a speech about “The Path To Customer Experience Maturity.” The speech will debut new research about companies that successfully adopted new competencies and changed employee behavior. Attendees will be the first ones to get copies of Megan’s new report that details her findings – I’m editing the report and I am really jazzed about what she’d discovering.

Kerry Bodine, my co-author for Outside In, will kick off the second day of the event with a speech about customer experience innovation. Her speech will also be based on new research. She’ll detail her findings  into what distinguishes incremental CX improvements from true innovations. She’ll also describe how companies can create innovation engines within their organizations – the “road map” for the advanced class. For those of you who want to leap ahead of the pack and truly differentiate through customer experience, this is a “must see” presentation.  

I’ll write more about our industry speakers as we get closer to the event. For now let me say that I couldn’t be happier with the line-up of star quality speakers from famous brands:

  • Jamie Moldafsky, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Wells Fargo.
  • Jeri Ward, Director of Customer Experience, Audi of America
  • John Vanderslice, Global Head, Luxury and Lifestyle Brands, Hilton Worldwide
  • Paul Heller, Managing Director, Retail Investor Group, Vanguard
  • Graham Atkinson, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, Walgreens
  • David Shapiro, Vice President of Member Experience for Medicare & Retirement, UnitedHealth Group

Not only do these speakers have great stories, they’re awesome presenters. For example, I saw John Vanderslice from Hilton speak at an event that I also spoke at. I was so impressed that I ambushed him on the way out the door and recruited him for this event on the spot. And Megan Burns was so impressed by a speech she saw Jeri Ward from Audi give that she told me to recruit her and even made the introduction. Jeri just walked me through her speech outline and I have to agree with Megan that Jeri has game!

In upcoming blog posts I’ll also write about our track sessions, and The Outside In Awards that we’ll be presenting live on stage June 25. But for now I’ll leave you with this tip: You can save $200 off the event price if you buy a ticket before 5/11/2013. (We pretty much sell out the venue so it’s not a bad idea to buy early even if you don’t care so much about the $200.)

Here’s hoping to see you in New York. I’ll be easy to spot because I’ll be the host and moderator. Just look for the guy on stage with the funny gray patches in his beard.