I’m currently tackling a report on the tools & technology necessary for eCommerce organizations to expand internationally. It is one of the reports for the eCommerce Globalization playbook and aims to put a global lens on some of the research we’ve done on the eCommerce solution provider landscape.  Numerous types of vendors contribute to the globalization process – in this report, we’ll examine only a few key areas including:

Global-Ready Commerce Suites. Pulling from our B2C Commerce Suites Wave last year, we’ll analyze which of the included companies scored particularly well on their globalization capabilities. We’ll also look at the commerce platforms that SMEs tend to gravitate toward around the globe, and identify some of the country-specific solutions that have emerged in different regions.

Global Commerce Service Providers. We will also be discussing which of the companies included in our Global Commerce Service Providers Wave excelled when it came to helping brands with their global market expansion and which ones have the most extensive global footprints.

International Shipping Solution Providers. We’ve recently kicked off some new research on the companies helping online retailers reach global customers through an international shipping model. We’ve written on this topic in the past, but will have an updated report on this space later this year.

Language Service Providers. We recently published a market overview of translation and localization providers. In it, we look at how eBusinesses are approaching localization and which vendors many have gravitated toward as they’ve expanded their digital offerings globally.

Global Payment Service Providers. We are also currently engaged in research that looks at which payment service providers companies are using as they expand into new global markets. As with international shipping, look for a separate report from us on this topic, as well as a summary of key considerations and vendors in our tools & technology report.

If you’re a vendor helping digital brands with their globalization initiatives and would like to tell us about your global work, please fill out a Briefings Request Form. We'd love to hear from you!