The online channel plays a large role on how prospects research and apply for credit cards.  In 2012 more than half of US online adults who purchased a credit card applied for that card online. In order to evaluate the five largest US credit card issuers on their online sales experience, Forrester used its Website Functionality Benchmark methodology to evaluate the acquisition portions of their websites.  Our 2013 US Credit Card Online Sales Rankings includes the rankings for: American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, and Citibank.

Highlights of the 2013 US Credit Card Online Sales Rankings:

  • American Express Takes The Lead This Year Among US Card Issuers! American Express's strong performance in both research and application content and functionality secured the top spot this year.
  • Dynamic Research Tools Abound On Card Issuers' Sites. Credit card issuers are providing dynamic features to guide prospects. All five sites we reviewed provide credit card selector tools as well as comparison charts that help prospects identify the right credit card based on their need.
  • Application Processes Are Becoming More Sophisticated. Prefilled applications for existing customers, automatic data validation, and proactive help are just a few of the features that have improved the online application process at leading card issuers. American Express goes a step beyond its competitors by providing an instant credit decision, credit limits, and immediate card number issuance.

Although the five largest US credit card issuers all scored “above” the minimum standards, most issuers continue to have problems in two areas: presentation and the post-application process, with many instances of poor presentation, static content, and antiquated online application processes. 

It’s time to drive digital sales strategies to the next level! Read 2013 US Credit Card Online Sales Rankings for recommendations on how to improve your credit card online sales process.