Today marks the first 90 days for me as Principal Analyst within the eBusiness and Channel Strategy role at Forrester, and I could not be happier with my decision to join this great team and organization.  Along with working with extremely smart industry analysts in both business and technology roles, I have the opportunity to help participate in the growth and evolution of eBusiness leaders throughout the world.  The benefits of being a Forrester analyst typically don’t involve complimentary champagne and caviar, but they do involve realizing a tremendous amount of enjoyment from helping eBusiness leaders and their companies succeed.  Here’s how I’m adding value:

  • Gaining and providing insight by perpetually studying the business landscape. The role of an Analyst at Forrester is akin to attending your favorite college class, minus the exams and tuition expense.  I’m rewarded for being curious and for having a point of view.  This aspect of my role is very satisfying as I'm able to apply this insight and help our clients solve real problems.
  • Helping businesses solve issues through Inquiry calls. These client engagements allow me to provide tactical guidance and help solve urgent challenges. I’m often pulling from my experience running eBusinesses as well as leveraging the knowledge I’ve learned from my peers. Our clients love our Inquiry process because they get answers fast. These meetings often lead to stronger working relationships, allowing me to become a trusted adviser with our clients. 
  • Guiding eBusiness leaders by presenting my research. Whether it is speaking at a large event like or presenting my research findings to a small digital innovation group, having the opportunity to influence others, to participate in the success of our clients, and give back to the eBusiness community creates a tremendous amount of enjoyment for me.  
  • Leading critical business decisions by making the call. One of the values we embrace at Forrester is courage. For me, this manifests in taking a stand in what I believe. My beliefs are shaped by conducting primary research and leveraging our extensive business relationships. Our clients appreciate the bold approach as it allows us to quickly focus on insights rather than data.

If, like me, you enjoy the personal and professional benefits outlined above, then we may have a spot for you on the team!  We are looking for a talented technology focused rock star to help Peter Sheldon and me tackle the rapidly evolving area of commerce technology.  Please see the job description here, and reach out to me if you have any questions about the role. I look forward to hearing from you.