We’ve been talking to many of you in the last year about improving our Forrester Leadership Boards for Enterprise Architecture Professionals — our peer collaboration program for senior executives.

In our research, we found there was a clear distinction between the executive audience: the enterprise architects and the leaders of strategy, planning and innovation for their IT organizations.

As such, in addition to our existing Enterprise Architecture Council, we have just launched our Business Technology Strategy Council to better serve our executives in this role! In order to distinguish between these groups, below are some examples of some of the member challenges you’ll find in each of these groups.

Business Technology Strategy Council:

  • Establish strategies with quantifiable business impact.

  • Drive innovation and embracing emerging technologies.

  • Mobilize executives, peers, and customers around your BT strategy.

  • Optimize the IT portfolio for top performance.

Enterprise Architecture Council:

  • Tap best practices to advance your EA practice maturity.

  • Identify and integrate emerging technologies.

  • Architect and govern all information to ensure it is accessible, secure, and trustworthy.

  • Use business architecture methods to link technology to business goals.

The Business Technology Strategy Council

Developed for the senior most business technology strategists from global companies, this council will help you establish strategies with quantifiable business impact, drive innovation and embrace emerging technologies, mobilize executives, peers, and customers around your business technology strategy, and optimize your IT portfolio to align with your strategic initiatives.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, or have a colleague you think would be a good fit, please email us at flb@forrester.com.

We also recently launched The CIO Executive Program, designed specifically for our CIO clients with more than 250 FTEs. Read my blog post about that program here.

*Note: Forrester Leadership Boards membership is for senior leaders and is subject to qualification.