My wife would say that the cold weather has me watching too many "waste of time" sporting events. She is correct of course, but sports and life have many paralells and here's my current favorite. I am believing more and more in the importance of Karma where good intent and deeds contribute to future happiness, and bad intent deeds contribute to future suffering. Hence, there is only one explanation for the dismal Denver performance yesterday.  Denver had simply way too much bad Karma. And here's why. They denied Patriot fans the opportunity for any tickets (not one) to the AFC championship game in Denver. This was a selfish, low class, and just down right mean.  It created a tremendous reserve of negative Karma that could not be overcome Sunday. As a Pats fan, I was thrilled to see not just a loss but a record setting devastation.

Sunday's earlier and other example was a bit more subtle.  Buba Watson's missed 4 footer on the very last hole of the Phoneix Open that would have forced a playoff. Bubba is one of my favorite players. His approach to the game is just this side of crazy.  In typical Bubba fashion on Sunday, one of his drives soared into the desert and buried into a bush. No chance for a decent shot or to even make contact. But the ever creative Bubba cited some kind of animal dwelling in the bush whereby the barely visable mound surrounding the entrance might affect his swing. Even though completely untrue, the official ruled in his favor and gave him a clean drop. He then made an easy par to stay in the hunt, and while within the rules he was outside the spirit of the game. Bobby Jones would have taken the penalty due.That's just golf and what you do. Payback came an hour later – missing a short putt to force a playback.  

In 2014 – we should all look to be better human beings, treat others fairly, and we will develop and store  reserves of Karma that pay us back in spades.