Hello from my first blog as a Forrester Analyst.

I have recently joined the eBusiness & Channel Strategy group as an Analyst, from a role as Senior Consultant within Forrester. I have spent the past few years working with Analysts, across the eBusiness & Channel Strategy and Marketing Leadership role teams in Europe, on custom consulting projects for a variety of clients. These projects focused on a wide range of topics and objectives, including vendor selection support for an Italian fashion brand, multi-market digital maturity assessments for a global CPG organization and an eCommerce strategy review for a global multi-brand corporation, to name a few. I very much look forward to continuing to work to provide guidance and insight, now as an Analyst, to help our eBusiness clients to succeed in the Age of the Customer.

My research coverage is focused on European eCommerce. Current topics include European eCommerce trends & forecasting, multichannel retail, and the impact of changing consumer behavior on the retail industry in Europe. My initial report will analyze European multi-touchpoint shopping behavior, providing a European focus of the Global Retail Segmentation report recently published by Martin Gill. Subsequent reports over the next few months will include the updated European Online Retail Forecast and the European Cross-Channel Retail Sales Forecast, looking at the projected influence of digital touchpoints on offline sales (the US version was recently published by my colleague Sucharita Mulpuru). Future research will dive into topics including the state of cross-border eCommerce in Europe, the effect of new delivery options on eCommerce and the pillars of multi-touchpoint eCommerce.

If there is anything I can help you with, you have insights to share or technology and services that you want to tell me about, please get in touch with me via our Inquiry and/or Briefing teams. I would be happy to hear from you!