Stop thinking in terms of what you do, or how your technology works now. Start thinking in terms of the mobile moments of your customers.

A mobile moment is a point in time and space when someone pulls out a mobile device to get what he or she wants immediately, in context.

Thinking in terms of mobile moments is the lesson of our new book, The Mobile Mind Shift. It's a new way of thinking for many companies, but it's essential to getting mobile strategy right. Without it, you end up spending a lot of effort on features your customers won't use. Meanwhile, some entreprenuer like Lose It! or Roambi swoops in and steals your mobile moments.
How pervasive are mobile moments? We started a hashtag campaign on #MyMobileMoment to encourage people to share the mobile moments. Go ahead, check out the hundreds of posts so far. Or post your own.

Here are few revealing posts we've seen:

Mobile is there in a moment of crisis.

And in the second-grade spelling homework.

There really is an app for just about everything.

This woman has changed the way she runs her workday.

So has Forrester's CEO.

Some people get a little too into Twitter:

There's even this guy shaving:

We heard from people doing mobile every moment from when they got up to when they went to sleep, at work, connecting with their mom's on Mother's Day, and in every other possible moment, using apps and the features of their smartphones in every possible creative way.

If you're not connecting with your customers on mobile, you're missing out on something huge.

On the other hand, if you're doing something fun with your mobile device, show us on Twitter or Instagram with #MyMobileMoment.