As many of you know, the customer insights practice at Forrester traditionally focuses on the collection, management, analysis, and use of customer data to business practices. Over the past few years, I've been writing research about the changing face of the "collection" and "use" parts of that equation — that is, how privacy and personal identity and data management tools will change marketers' access to consumer data, and how they're allowed to use the information they do have. Now I'm taking this research a step further.  

I've just started examining the history and future of consumer-driven market shifts, and would love to interview you if you have a position on this, theoretically or practically.

The hypothesis:

Individuals have the power to change how entire industries make and market products and services. The “greening” of consumer products and the change in music consumption from “buy” to “rent” are two examples. The next phase of consumer-driven market shifts will affect privacy and consumer data collection practices, because “intelligent agents” will make it easier for people to assert control.

What do you think? Do you believe that consumers can drive market changes, or that their personal "values" ever trump price and convenience as a buying decision driver?

Has your industry — education, energy, personal care, to name a few — been impacted by consumer-led market shifts?

Do you think privacy could be the next big seachange, and if so, what is your company doing about it?

Please know that all interviews are confidential, and that you will never be quoted without your permission. Please reach out to me here, or email my research associate, Rebecca McAdams (, if you'd like to participate.

Thank you!