Getting dressed in the morning. Driving to work. Cooking dinner. If you could outsource one (or all) of these seemingly mundane daily tasks, would you? The majority would answer yes – and we do, when we go out to dinner instead of making it ourselves or calling a taxi to take us where we need to go. And as easy as it is for us to realize how often and how well we outsource in our personal lives, it’s harder to pinpoint how well we actually do so in our professional lives.

If you are like the majority of technology management teams, your company’s current sourcing strategy for technical services is old, outdated, and not in peak performance.  Sourcing market dynamics are constantly evolving and demand consistent attention in order to remain successful. In 2015, make the initiative to change your processes in accordance to some of the recent sourcing trends.

Wolfgang Benkel and Bill Martorelli’s “Be Aware Of These Key Sourcing Trends For Managed Services And Cloud” report goes in depth into these trends to keep you in the know. These trends center on key themes of convergence, shifting priorities, and deviation from traditions and standard operating procedures.

Keeping yourself and your company in the know of these trends will not only keep you ahead of the curve, but help you thrive and achieve success. Knowing what trends to be aware of will help you manage services and cloud more effectively.