Forrester survey data highlights the urgency for the CIO to complete the mobile mind shift. In the age of the customer, great mobile solutions are the basis for catering to clients, empowering employees, and optimizing supplier and partner relationships. Yet, the mobile mind shift has its roots in the consumer environment. Most of us have gone “mobile native” over the last few years, having grown accustomed to using apps on our smartphones and tablets at home. This has changed the way we think, look for information, communicate with others, and conduct transactions.

Mobile is now a vital part of the CIO’s business technology agenda to help enhance customer experience, employee productivity, and new revenue channels. Every CIO will need to provide his organization with mobile solutions that support these business requirements. The lack of a comprehensive mobile approach with dedicated interdisciplinary teams for mobile and digital initiatives will translate into lower revenues and many business failures in the years ahead. The most visionary and forward-looking CIOs, meanwhile, are using mobile to build the steppingstones for their digital transformation:

  • Businesses that are most mature in mobile also have the fastest revenue growth rates. Forrester survey data highlights that the most “mobile-mature” organizations also have higher revenue growth rates than the mobile laggards. Mobility is thus an important revenue driver.
  • Mobile should be an integral part of the digital transformation strategy. Many CIOs focus on providing basic enterprise mobility management (EMM). Whilst EMM is an important part of the CIO’s mobile strategy, it is just the first steppingstone toward the connected enterprise and transforming into active digital ecosystem membership.
  • The CIO who fails in mobile will lose his job. Mobility is the single most critical tool to support the top strategic business imperatives. In his role as business enabler, the CIO must deliver high-quality mobile solutions to his organization or risk being replaced.

The successful CIO will transform his mobile strategy, delivering mobile moments for users and enhancing business processes, rather than just focusing on mobile technology implementation. The report Mobile Becomes A Key Success Imperative For CIOs leverages Forrester's survey data to depict the current state of the CIO’s mobile mind shift and his ability and willingness to support comprehensive mobile solutions.

Thursday, January 28, 2016, 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. Eastern time (17:00-18:00 W. Europe Standard Time)
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