In the Terminator franchise, the rise of uncontrollable artificial intelligence (AI) result in threats to the existence of mankind. While the movies provide a stark image of where AI may take us, the risks have a basis in reality. I will leave it to my colleague, Martha Bennett, to talk about the challenges that AI presents to today's tech leaders. Check out her blog here:

What I would like to talk about is the potential for AI. Of particulart interest to me in the Terminator franchises is the prediction of when Skynet becomes aware. The first reference in Terminator 2: Judgment Day cites 1997. By Terminator Gensys the date slides to 2017 and even further out by the end of the movie. What this shows is that estimates of technology adoption can often be exaggerated. Today, artificial intelligence is all around us, even though we may not be aware: AI techniques are in action whenever we use a voice-driven virtual assistant, use a digital camera, allow an online utility to tag our photographs, or receive recommendations about what we might want to watch. These current applications merely scratch the surface. AI will be employed across enterprises, doing everything from engaging with customers and employees to automating and improving large elements of the operation. The deployment of AI technologies will create significant value, as companies will be able to predict customer needs in near real time while optimizing operations and supply chains in the background.

For more, please read Martha and my most recent report, "The Promise and Potential Peril of AI". We investigate the actions that tech leaders need to take today to ensure long-term success for AI.