Happy Valentine’s Day! You know the feeling of being in love: You want to stay with your significant other forever, love them more each day, and tell everyone how great they are. Your customers know it, too! Many companies have begun tracking how their customers feel as part of their CX measurement program. In the CX Index™, we too track how customers felt during their most recent interaction with a brand. 

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

We find that customers who give high scores on Emotion are more likely stay with the brand, spend more on products or services, and tell others how much they love the brand. And just like in relationships, there’s a big difference once your customers fall in “love” – customers in the CX Index who rate the brand a perfect seven out of seven on Emotion, or “love” the brand, say they are 18% to 40% more likely to enrich their relationship with the brand. For brands in all industries, this means that there is business benefit to helping your customers fall in love with you (whether via greater revenue, lower churn, or both).

Let’s Talk About Love

Brands benefit from higher customer advocacy loyalty when customers love them — but how can brands benefit if they don’t know what love is? Forrester analyzed the specific emotions felt by customers during their most recent interactions with brands in the CX Index.

●     Baby, don’t hurt me. Brands whose customers score them high on Emotion almost never make customers feel negative emotions like frustrated, angry, or anxious.

●     Make you feel my love. Like partners in a romantic relationship, customers want to feel appreciated. In most industries, customers who scored a seven out of seven on Emotion are 36% to 77% more likely to say they feel appreciated.

●     Everlasting love. Some emotions are industry-specific: to feel the tender stirrings of love for their bank, customers want to feel confident, while hotel customers want to feel respected. By focusing on cultivating these specific emotions, brands in these industries can help customers fall in love:

Are your customers feeling happy, appreciated, content, confident, and respected today? Want to know which emotions are most important for your industry? If you’re not sure, the CX Index team can help!