Now that 2010 is in the books, I wanted to share the 25 top blog posts made on this blog this year. In the interest of transparency, these are not the 25 most viewed blog posts, but they're close. I did some editing of the list, since some of the topics we addressed on The Forrester Blog For Interactive Marketing Professionals are not as relevant today at the beginning of 2011 as they were when first posted throughout 2010.  

What follows are the most visited, relevant, and helpful blog posts of this past year, made by me, Nate Elliott, Sean Corcoran, Melissa Parrish and Shar VanBoskirk.  I hope you enjoy the reading, and thanks to everyone who visited, commented, tweeted, printed or emailed our blog posts in 2010. We appreciate that you find this content valuable, and please consider becoming part of the conversation here on the Forrester blogs or in the Forrester Community For Interactive Marketing Professionals.