Ripples2 David Armano, creative director at Digitas, is currently giving a round of internal presentations at the agency called "blog's eye view: looking at the social network from a blogger's perspective."  I attended his Boston presentation this morning and came away impressed.  You can find his entire presentation here.

Blogging is still foreign to many companies, but agencies have particular pressure to get ahead of the curve and help clients capture value from the medium.  Digitas has embraced Armano's work and he has great lessons to share from his personal experience over the past eight months – illustrated too!  For example, the graphic at upper left is his image of "influence ripples" which describes how media sources impact one another.

I'm currently working on some research on how marketers need to rethink their agency relationships as part of reinventing the marketing organization.  Hearing from individuals within agencies that get social computing is certainly a harbinger of the new relationship state of marketers, consumers, and agencies.  [There are other agencies blogging:  Hill Holliday, Wieden + Kennedy, Avenue A|Razorfish, and Organic come to mind.]  David explained to his colleagues today that the keys are "Empathy.  Experience.  Curiosity."  As more agencies understand this, they will be in a better position to serve their clients.