Following the multiple messages of support and encouragement in this new chapter of my life, I have decided to write a preface. I have intentionally chosen “A Preface” as the title of this first blog to indicate that it’s not only going to be a chapter but a book full of insight for business and technology leaders. Through my hands-on experience with networking technologies and interaction with enterprise leaders over the past 20 years, I strongly believe that networking is — along with security, digital engineering, and customer experience — integral to the goal of growth.

The research reports I will be authoring and coauthoring with my new colleagues will support enterprise leaders in the pressing decisions they face. A large variety of networking technologies are available today, and there is no one-size-fits-all for enterprise use cases.

My intention is to help you navigate not only what technologies you choose but how you use them in service of your business goals. As an example, Forrester’s trends report, The Top 10 Emerging Technologies In 2022, investigates the timelines for Zero Trust edge to yield positive return on investment and provides insights into which businesses will see the biggest impacts soonest.

Following is a sneak peek of the topics I will be touching upon:

Navigating the networking technologies: helping enterprises understand the various technologies and ownership models available to them

Digital divide: How can society provide essential communications services to all members, including remote and underprivileged sectors?

Private 5G networks: providing insight into the most common use cases implemented/planned and the infrastructure choices selected by enterprises

Zero Trust edge: a practical guide and evaluation of vendors and service providers across the world providing Zero Trust edge solutions, securely connecting and transporting traffic, using Zero Trust access principles in and out of remote sites, leveraging mostly cloud-based security and networking services

Network-aware SDLC: a first look into the importance of networking technologies in software development, testing, and release of applications

I look forward to receiving your comments and am glad to connect with anyone interested in the above or other networking topics.