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Privacy: “The Most Essential Battle Of Our Time”

Stephanie Liu May 5, 2022
Companies have an opportunity to use privacy as a competitive differentiator. Four factors are essential for the successful preservation of the right to privacy.

Privacy Isn’t Binary: The 2021 US Privacy Segmentation

Stephanie Liu April 1, 2022
Data deprecation is here, forcing marketers to stop hoovering up consumer data for opaque use cases. Consumers’ privacy-protecting behaviors are one of the four forces shaping this new marketing reality, but not every consumer has the same expectations, preferences, or concerns around information sharing. To quote Ted Lasso, “Different people are … different.” Our new […]

Coming Soon(ish) To An Android Phone Near You: Data Deprecation

Stephanie Liu February 16, 2022
Google announced this morning its plan to incorporate its Privacy Sandbox initiative, including its recently announced Topics API, into Android’s OS. Marketers, beware: Google is expanding data deprecation beyond Chrome and introducing it to the app ecosystem. In a blog post littered with not-so-subtle jabs at Apple, Google explained that this will be an intentionally […]

Navigating The Business Roundtable’s Roadmap For Responsible AI

Brandon Purcell February 3, 2022
Get a detailed analysis of the Business Roundtable's recently published Roadmap for Responsible Artificial Intelligence.

Google Is Still In The Driver’s Seat With Topics, Its More Transparent FLoC Replacement

Joanna O'Connell January 25, 2022
Will Google Topics be a curveball in advertisers' data depreciation plans? Read to discover what the FLoC replacements means.

Proposed Surveillance Advertising Ban, Meet Contextual Targeting

Stephanie Liu January 21, 2022
A proposed US law banning surveillance advertising emphasizes that marketers need to invest in contextual advertising, zero-party data, and other less invasive ways to gain audience insights.

Make Data Strategy Your New Year’s Resolution

Stephanie Liu January 11, 2022
Start 2022 with renewed marketing opportunity by assessing your data strategy and finding opportunities to round out your understanding of customers and prospects. Last year, we saw third-party cookie deprecation heat up, Apple enact its App Tracking Transparency framework, and growing consumer privacy awareness — for example, 84% of US online adults use at least […]

From Compliance To Privacy UX: Regulators Come For Dark Patterns

Stephanie Liu January 7, 2022
UX regulators are cracking down on dark patterns. Here's how to ensure your privacy journeys aren't on the road to big fines.

Oh, Snap: Data Deprecation Cuts Into Revenue

Stephanie Liu October 22, 2021
Don’t say we didn’t warn you. While reporting Snapchat’s Q3 results yesterday, CEO Evan Spiegel conceded Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework “disrupted” Snap’s advertising business as he reported lower-than-expected earnings. The earnings miss drove sharp declines in Facebook’s and Twitter’s stocks as well. ATT, which rolled out in April with iOS 14.5, requires users […]

MRM Is Your Essential Marketing Workhorse In The Pandemic And Beyond

Stephanie Liu September 14, 2021
Insulation. Plumbing. Circuit boards. Marketing resource management (MRM) tools. All things that aren’t front and center but are critical for daily operations. MRM tools are the marketing engine that make your marketing department go. Resource planning and performance management in the key areas of money, people, content, and brand facilitate agile marketing across channels — critical […]

A Privacy Primer For Marketers

Joe Stanhope April 16, 2021
Privacy is firmly in the limelight as businesses weigh in on whether privacy is a human right and legislatures around the world debate new regulations and protections for consumers. Marketers are on the front lines of customer engagement, championing the consumer within the enterprise and taking an active role in privacy discussions.  But for marketers who aren’t already privacy […]

Adobe Buys Workfront To Boost Upstream Creative Support

Stephanie Liu November 10, 2020
Adobe announced yesterday it’s shelling out $1.5 billion to acquire work management tool Workfront, cementing a longstanding partnership between the two companies. Together, Adobe and Workfront can spin a tale of coupling a Forrester Wave™ Leader digital asset manager (DAM) and a work management tool that can handle all the planning and collaboration aspects of […]

Predictions 2021: B2C Marketing Goes Local And Retention-Based

Stephanie Liu October 23, 2020
B2C marketing in 2021 will take a decided turn toward retention and localization. Read on to discover how B2C marketers will adjust in the face of a post-pandemic world.

Pandemic Got Your Marketing Plans Down? Pivot To People-Led Planning

Stephanie Liu September 14, 2020
COVID-19 has disrupted school, summer vacations, birthdays, weddings — you name it. It has been equally unforgiving to marketers, whose carefully crafted marketing plans became irrelevant amid store closures, erratic shopping trends, and supply shortages. If there’s one upside to the pandemic, it’s pushing marketers to reevaluate their marketing planning processes. Even the most thorough, […]

Elevate Your Mobile Engagement With The Right Vendor Using The New Forrester Wave™

Stephanie Liu August 25, 2020
This past spring, I shared why it’s important that marketers develop a strong mobile strategy to engage with consumers in the right moment and format. While a few months have since passed, COVID-19 still blurs the future of work, commerce, and socializing. Is it safe to travel? To return to work? To enjoy a beer at […]

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Emily Collins August 17, 2020
This week’s edition of our FORRward series covers the latest tech news on Gong, revenue intelligence,,, brand, zero-party data, future of work and movie making.

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Emily Collins August 10, 2020
Mobile Advertising Comes Under Scrutiny Most data deprecation discussions center on cookies and web browsers. But two recent moves broaden the aperture to include mobile environments, too. First, Apple announced iOS 14, which will prompt users on whether they want to let an app track them or “ask app not to track.” If a user picks the latter, the app can’t […]

Straight From The Source: Collecting Zero-Party Data From Customers

Stephanie Liu July 30, 2020
Marketers are building out experiences to ask customers about volunteer zero-party data that they can’t infer, buy, or collect elsewhere.

Stay Connected To Consumers Via Mobile Engagement Automation

Stephanie Liu May 21, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has put a major dent in our mobile lifestyles. But even as many of us shelter in place or stay at home, our smartphones are still with us, offering a necessary link to the outside world. In a typical morning, you can probably expect to receive messages from family members and friends […]

Facebook, Inc. Extends Its Tentacles With GIPHY Acquisition

Jessica Liu May 19, 2020
There may be more to the move than meets the eye. The acquisition will give Facebook access to data it will find useful.
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