You’ve been building flashy mobile apps, creating wonderful systems of engagement to improve customer experience, but your digital program still has not delivered. Why? Because you’ve neglected the modernization of your core systems. Customer journeys rely on hundreds of processes supported by back-end core systems such as customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, revenue management, inventory management, or core banking (depending on what industry you are in). When not modernized, these core systems make any change excruciating. Don’t feed your flashy mobile apps with hard-to-reach data. Outdated core applications risk slowing down customer journeys, preventing them from even working, or consuming your IT budget with high maintenance costs and technical debt.

What can you do? Check out this three-minute video from my 2019 Digital Transformation & Innovation Forum keynote to find out.

For more info check out John Rymer and Dave Bartoletti’s Forrester report titled “Modernize Core Applications With Cloud“, which outlines key hurdles you might face and how to overcome them when modernizing core business applications.