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Enhancing The Forrester Experience With Generative AI

Carrie Johnson April 3, 2024
Izola, Forrester’s genAI tool, is now available to all Forrester Decisions clients, providing fast, trusted answers to advance their business initiatives.

Predictions 2019: Transformation Goes Pragmatic

Carrie Johnson November 8, 2018
Our Predictions 2019 guide, “Transformation Goes Pragmatic,” is live. What do we mean by pragmatism? A sense of realism, practical steps, a desire for tangible outcomes. It’s a good description for what we are seeing in a market that carried ambitious strategies into 2018 but ran afoul of internal headwinds. Don’t get me wrong, the […]

Predictions 2018: A Year Of Reckoning

Carrie Johnson November 6, 2017
When we put together our 2018 predictions, four overarching themes caught my attention: separation, speed, money, and time. Separation. The uncertain fate of many companies seems at odds with the reality that most economies, labor markets, and industries are relatively healthy. But firms born with or driving customer-led, digitally centered strategies are separating themselves from […]

Selecting an Emerging Technology? Let Forrester Help You With Our New Technology Portfolio

Carrie Johnson October 23, 2017
A new crop of emerging technology stands poised to unleash another cycle of raised consumer expectations, changing behaviors, and disruption. The stakes for business leaders are high — a wrong investment could put your firm out of business; make the right move and you’ll vault over your competitors.   Which tech should you bet on? Which […]

Forrester’s New Breakout Vendor Series: Stay On Top Of Disruptive Technology

Carrie Johnson May 11, 2016
Have you heard of Hubba? Coupa? What about APX Labs? Forrester features these technology vendors, alongside 19 others, in our new Breakout Vendor reports. To keep pace with the expectations of digitally empowered customers and clients, firms must stay on top of disruptive and emerging technologies. Keeping up with new providers of potentially game-changing technologies […]

Join Us At the eBusiness & Channel Strategy Forum in Chicago, October 28th and 29th!

Carrie Johnson September 11, 2014
It’s a boardroom topic, it’s changing the way that firms do business, and it’s unleashing innovation at an unprecedented pace. No, it’s not the new watch from Apple, it’s digital business, and getting it right is crucial to the survival of nearly every business. Mapping Your Path To Digital Mastery is also the theme of […]

Join Us At The eBusiness Forum In Chicago, November 5th and 6th, 2013!

Carrie Johnson September 6, 2013
To the delight of many tired parents, it's back to school season. It's also the perfect time to plan out your fall calendar, and we're hoping that you will join us in Chicago in November for our eBusiness Forum.  The theme of our event is "Leading The Digital Business Revolution." We chose this theme because our clients […]

So You Want To Be A Chief Digital Officer?

Carrie Johnson January 2, 2013
During my sullen teenage years my father invented a nonsensical, rhetorical question to proffer when conversation ran dry. During particularly quiet moments he’d ask, “So you want to be a movie star?” No, I did not want to be a movie star, but I’d play along and invent similarly nonsensical answers: “Yes, but my agent […]

Are you spending enough on eBusiness?

Carrie Johnson November 29, 2012
Ever wonder if you're spending enough on your eBusiness efforts compared with your peers? We've been benchmarking key metrics like team size, channel responsibilities, and spending for four years and this week we’ve launched our quarterly eBusiness and Channel Strategy Panel Survey to keep adding to that rich data. We have designed the survey to […]

Q&A with Bert DuMars, VP, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce, Newell Rubbermaid

Carrie Johnson October 5, 2012
I had the chance to catch up with Bert DuMars, VP of Digital Marketing & eCommerce at Newell Rubbermaid, in advance of his keynote later this month at the eBusiness Forum. I spoke with Bert about the impact of digital channels on the overall shopping experience, and how Newell Rubbermaid is charting a course for profitable […]

Digital Disruption Will Tear Down And Rebuild Every Product In Every Industry

Carrie Johnson September 19, 2012
  Digital disruption is forcing business leaders in every industry to rethink their strategy. Music, media, and publishing have been turned upside down. Now, non-digital products and services — from airlines to automobiles — must consider new competitors, new economics, and new customer relationships. For example, game-changing, disruptive mobile experiences and apps on platforms like […]

Making eBusiness Outside In

Carrie Johnson August 28, 2012
Today Forrester released its new book Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business. At the crux of the book is a powerful message for all firms and in particular for eBusiness professionals: We are in the age of the customer. The only way to create sustainable competitive advantage is by […]

Seizing Opportunity From Digital Disruption

Carrie Johnson August 9, 2012
I recently wrote a post about "eBusiness professionals edging closer and closer to the C-Suite. It's happening across many organizations and has a lot of implications — from eBusiness pros needing to understand stores and branches better to more critically eyeing partnerships and competitors that can help or inhibit growth. No conversation about partnerships or […]

Moving eBusiness Into The C-Suite (Or Close To It)

Carrie Johnson June 30, 2012
After years of fighting for a voice in the organization, eBusiness leaders are finding themselves in the spotlight. Some all-stars command total compensation packages of more than $1 million and others — like this example from retailer FinishLine — step into new roles like Chief Digital Officer. We believe that in the next few years many […]

Benchmark Your eBusiness Strategy And Results

Carrie Johnson November 30, 2011
I'm so excited to announce that today we have launched Forrester's new free eBusiness benchmarking tool. With the tool you can compare your key performance metrics against your peers'. Plug in the answers to a few questions about your eBusiness budget and metrics and our tool will instantly compare your answers to similar size companies […]

Get Customer Obsessed Or Perish: Welcome To The Age Of The Customer

Carrie Johnson June 6, 2011
Today Forrester released a piece of must-read research for every organization that markets and sells to customers. In Josh Bernoff's report "Competitive Strategy In The Age Of The Customer," he illustrates how customer-led disruption forces firms to throw away old models of competitive differentiation. Competitive barriers like manufacturing strength, distribution power, and information mastery won't […]

Survey: Are Operating And Acquisition Costs Higher Or Lower For Digital Channels?

Carrie Johnson February 14, 2011
Are costs to run your eBusiness operations increasing or decreasing? Last year eBusiness professionals reported that on average they spent over $25 million annually to run their eBusiness channels. With the pace of innovation and investment in digital channels barreling forward, we expect that number to increase in 2011. The only way for us to […]

Live Streaming From Forrester’s Consumer Forum 2010 – Day Two

Carrie Johnson October 29, 2010
8:30 a.m.-8:35 a.m. CST Day Two Opening Remarks Carrie Johnson, Vice President, Research Director, Forrester   8:35 a.m.-8:50 a.m. CST Working With IT To Build An Empowered Organization Ted Schadler, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Live Streaming From Forrester’s Consumer Forum 2010 – Day One

Carrie Johnson October 28, 2010
I'm thrilled to be blogging from Forrester's 2010 Consumer Forum at the Hilton Chicago in downtown Chicago. We've got a crowd of 600+ folks on-site and are excited for another great event. We've heard time and again that organizations need help responding to empowered consumers, and we're aiming to address that head on with our […]

Join Forrester’s New Online Community For eBusiness And Channel Strategy Professionals

Carrie Johnson October 4, 2010
The eBusiness team at Forrester is excited to announce that we have launched The Forrester Community For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals focused on the key business challenges that eBusiness professionals face every day. The community is a place for eBusiness professionals to exchange ideas, opinions, and real-world solutions with each other. Forrester analysts will also be part […]
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