A new crop of emerging technology stands poised to unleash another cycle of raised consumer expectations, changing behaviors, and disruption. The stakes for business leaders are high — a wrong investment could put your firm out of business; make the right move and you’ll vault over your competitors.  

Which tech should you bet on? Which vendors are in the space? Which vendors will be the best fit for you, and will they actually be around in two years? We’re launching two new research methodologies to help you untangle the crowded and complicated emerging tech space. These are: 

  • New Tech reports. Our New Tech report analyzes an early stage tech category and the key vendors behind them. We provide a market overview and description of the business value of the technology. Then, we score the top 25-30 key vendors on viability, helping to decrease your risk you face when working with relatively unknown firms. 
  • The Forrester New Wave. You’ve told us that the Forrester Wave is one of the most useful and valuable tools guiding your investment decisions. With our New Wave report, we’re extending that methodology into emerging technology spaces, where we’ll evaluate the top 10 technology providers in the space. Our New Wave on Low-Code Development Platforms for Business Developers is the first of many to come and is available to our clients now.  

If you are a Forrester client, watch our webinar “Evaluating Emerging Technologies: A Closer Look At Forrester’s New Technology Research Portfolio” where we will discuss findings of New Wave on low-code development platforms and also introduce more changes coming to our existing portfolio of technology selection research. 

We’ll make it simple for clients to evaluate whether to experiment, invest, maintain, or divest a tech category. And we’ll have simplified methodologies, including New Tech and New Waves, for evaluating emerging versus mature tech spaces.