Digital disruption is forcing business leaders in every industry to rethink their strategy. Music, media, and publishing have been turned upside down. Now, non-digital products and services — from airlines to automobiles — must consider new competitors, new economics, and new customer relationships. For example, game-changing, disruptive mobile experiences and apps on platforms like, Apple, eBay, and Google give those firms control of consumer mobile devices and platforms, allowing them to both "tax" sales and hijack payments as well as threatening to further strangle already-squeezed margins for eBusiness professionals.

The challenge is big: While facing a constant onslaught of digital disruption, how can BT and marketing professionals become digital disruptors themselves? This fall, Forrester is hosting events in the US and Europe to help CIOsBusiness Architecture & Process ProfessionalsApplication Development & Delivery ProfessionalseBusiness Professionals harness the power of digital disruption to their advantage. To open up a conversation about digital disruption before the events, join us on Monday, September 24th at 3:30 Eastern for a Tweet Jam moderated by Forrester's Vice President James McQuivey (@jmcquivey), author of the The Disruptor's Handbook and keynoter at the upcoming events. We'll have analysts participating from across our marketing and BT roles, including Clay Richardson (@passion4process), Brian Walker (@bkwalker), Bill Band (@waband), and Nigel Fenwick (@NigelFenwick). Use the hashtag #ForrForum and join in on the conversation!