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Who Capitalized On A Super Opportunity To Win More Consumers?

Eric Epstein February 13, 2024
Learn which brands overcame so-called "acquisition blockers" — and which ones might have been better served funneling their $7 million (or more) into growth levers other than a Super Bowl ad.

Always Be Acquiring: Remove Acquisition Blockers For Brand Growth

Eric Epstein June 8, 2023
In my marketing career, I don’t recall a time where my goal was anything other than to drive (or at least meaningfully contribute to) brand and company growth. If a brand was growing — grow more! If it was declining — turn it around! Despite any macro headwinds or resource constraints, the objective was always […]

CPG Marketers, Take Some Lessons From Super Bowl LVII

Eric Epstein February 14, 2023
OK, let’s get this out of the way: As a lifelong Eagles fan, I was devastated by the outcome of the Super Bowl, and my TV was lucky to survive the last 2 minutes of the game. But as a career marketer, I managed to shake it off and put a professional lens on my […]

For CPG Marketing Leaders, Customer Obsession Means Driving Category Growth

Eric Epstein July 13, 2022
“The consumer is our boss.” This statement is at the core of a defining principle at my former employer, Mars, and the spirit of this idea is similarly at the core of many B2C companies’ operating philosophies. Forrester calls putting the customer at the heart of everything you do “customer obsession,” and it’s proven to […]