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Navigate China’s New Data And AI Regulations

Guannan Lu March 3, 2022
Firms often struggle to identify the appropriate security controls and practices to comply with fast-changing data regulations. Here are three practices firms should adapt to keep pace.

LinkedIn Has Not Given Up On The China Market

Xiaofeng Wang October 15, 2021
On October 14, 2021, Mohak Shroff, senior vice president of engineering at LinkedIn, published a blog post: China: Sunset of Localized Version of LinkedIn and Launch of New InJobs App Later This Year. It triggered multiple follow-up reports from major media outlets, with titles containing words like: LinkedIn to Shut Down Service in China Microsoft […]

Three Trends Transforming The Video Game Market

William McKeon-White September 20, 2021
Over the past year and a half, we’ve been building out our coverage of the video game market, specifically on how enterprises can model their strategies to take advantage of innovation (see Level Up Your Cloud Strategy With Video Game Innovation and Lessons From Gaming: Lead With Cloud, Continuous Improvement, And Innovation). From this research, […]

China Is Leading Global 5G Innovation

Guannan Lu August 12, 2021
Forrester believes that 2021 is the year that China becomes the epicenter of 5G innovations globally. Learn three reasons why in this blog post.

Learn From Natural Language Processing Use Cases To Build Your Projects In Production

Guannan Lu March 25, 2021
Many solutions have already adopted technologies we introduced in AI 2.0. Check out how banks and insurers in APAC benefit from NLP.

Navigate The Enterprise Collaboration Landscape In China

Guannan Lu September 8, 2020
The enterprise collaboration (EC) market in China has rapidly evolved over the past few months. 2019 was rich in new product launches; several existing and new vendors released their team messaging and videoconferencing products and solutions. Content development tool vendors improved offerings for office productivity, content services, and collaborative work management. Then the COVID-19 outbreak […]

Ant Group’s Next Move

Guannan Lu July 29, 2020
Learn more about the plans and ambitions the digital giant revealed at its recent analyst event.

Learn The Key RPA Trends In China

Guannan Lu July 17, 2020
New Forrester research uncovers three key factors that lead to successful RPA deployments.

Haier’s Adaptive Strategy Wins In The Face Of COVID-19 Challenges

Guannan Lu June 15, 2020
Haier’s adaptive strategy enabled it to respond to COVID-19-induced challenges in an efficient and effective manner. Learn how Haier applied good practices in organizational, market, and technology adaptiveness.

Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2020: Looking Beyond The Challenges

Guannan Lu June 9, 2020
Huawei started the 17th Huawei Global Analyst Summit on May 18, 2020 in Shenzhen, China. Huawei’s rotating chairman, Guo Ping, spoke on the theme of “Huawei: A Year and Beyond” to both look back on a very challenging year for the company and look ahead with a focus on accelerating growth. The US Entity List […]

Computer Vision Supports Retailers’ Automation Efforts

Guannan Lu April 9, 2020
Looking for ways computer vision can automate retail and improve CX? Analysts Guannan Lu and Charlie Dai provide four examples.

The Updated China Tech Market Forecast In Light Of COVID-19

Charlie Dai March 27, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has signficantly impacted China's tech market. Get the latest forecast for the market and learn three ways firms can adapt.

Lessons From Enterprise Collaboration Experiments In China In The Wake Of COVID-19

Guannan Lu March 12, 2020
The journey to enabling remote work in China has been “no walk in the park.” Here’s what other regions can learn from it.

Computer Vision Joins The Fight Against Coronavirus

Guannan Lu February 21, 2020
In China, local tech companies have worked to slow the spread of the illness, demonstrating the potency and real-world value of emerging technologies.

China Pacific Insurance Transforms Claims Management With Computer Vision

Guannan Lu February 4, 2020
CPIC improves CX while saving up to $15 million by providing claims adjusters with an app that leverages computer vision.

Tech-Driven Innovation Transforms The Shipping Industry

Danny Mu February 3, 2020
(coauthored with Han Bao, senior research associate) As we enter 2020, talks of recession are widespread. This is scary for all industries and in particular for shipping, as its fate is tightly linked to the health of the global economy. In recent years, we have seen distorted supply and demand, weakening global GDP growth, and […]

AI Solution Development Requires Trusted Cooperation For The Long Haul

Guannan Lu January 29, 2020
Many AI practitioners and those exploring AI solutions expect to reap the benefits of AI technologies simply by adopting licensed API services in the cloud. However, in many cases, an out-of-the-box solution is not enough to solve ongoing business challenges. A three-month pilot implementation is usually only enough to demonstrate the value of the concept […]