As a big fan of basketball, I couldn’t help but compare the CIO’s role to that of a point guard. In the game of basketball, the point guard plays a critical role in orchestrating plays, facilitating collaboration, and adapting to the constantly changing game conditions. Similarly, the role of the chief information officer (CIO) has transformed in recent years, requiring them to act as the “point guards” of business growth. In my newly published report, Strategic Collaborations In Tech: The CEO-CIO Partnership, we explore how CIOs, like point guards, must partner with CEOs to drive business success and provide recommendations for CIOs to align their goals with those with the CEO, which include:

  1. Commit to the CEO’s growth agenda. Just as a point guard aligns with the overall team’s strategy, CIOs must commit to the CEO’s growth agenda. By enabling, creating, and amplifying growth through technology, CIOs provide valuable insights into how technology can be utilized across the business.
  2. Drive growth with tech-led innovation. Similar to how a point guard must identify new opportunities on the court, CIOs must work with CEOs to identify opportunities for tech-led innovation. By leveraging AI and other technologies, you can create new products, services, and differentiation that contribute to business growth.
  3. The big opportunity: Tightly align your IT org to the business. Just as a point guard coordinates plays and communicates with teammates to align their strategy, CIOs must align the IT organization with the business objectives. Collaborate closely with the CEO to identify areas of misalignment and prioritize IT objectives. This alignment will ensure that IT goals are linked to business outcomes and are effectively communicated throughout the organization.

To learn more about how CEOs and CIOs can better collaborate to drive business growth, read my new report, Strategic Collaborations In Tech: The CEO-CIO Partnership or set up a guidance session to discuss further.