• Bad habits are often so ingrained in B2B organizations that leaders have lost sight of what defines best practice
  • Attend Summit Europe and be inspired by sessions that define good B2B habits and bring them to life through customer success stories that help delegates apply the learnings to their situations
  • Summit Europe delegates will walk away with guidance and tools to help them in their quest to champion change in their organization

Bad habits. No matter how hard we try, we all have them. So it won’t surprise anyone when I say that B2B organizations also suffer from bad habits. At some point, we’ve all found ourselves working for companies that unwittingly use inefficient processes or pursue poorly focused strategies. Maybe those bad habits are so ingrained that leaders have lost sight of what defines best practice.

But what if you could help your company break its sales and marketing bad habits? What if you could join an energizing community of peers dedicated to redefining what good sales and marketing habits look like and helping each other champion these good practices in their organizations?

If that sounds like the energy boost you and your team need right now, it’s time to book your place at SiriusDecisions Summit Europe 2018.  Here’s how attending Summit Europe can help you break bad B2B habits:

old-habits-new-habits-summit-europeStep one: Identify the problem.

You know there must be a better way of doing things, but sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on what’s holding you back. Being able to clearly articulate the problem often provides the “lightbulb” moment when companies realize they need to make a change. At Summit Europe, our role-based sessions covering 11 disciplines covering 11 disciplines – portfolio marketing, content strategy and operations, demand creation, channel marketing, account-based marketing, customer engagement, marketing operations and strategy, sales operations, sales enablement, channel sales and product management– will start by describing the key issues that drive poor results, helping attendees see their struggles in a new and clearer light.

Step two: Find a good alternative to the status quo.

Once you clearly understand what’s holding you back, the next step is to find the best alternative – which may vary depending on the size, industry and go-to-market approach of your organization. At SiriusDecisions, we understand that one size does not fit all. In our mainstage and syndicated sessions at Summit Europe, we always seek to share best practice models and frameworks through the lens of different organizational models and offer delegates a “crawl, walk, run” approach to adopting new ways of working. This helps attendees walk away with a realistic plan of attack that will hold up once they get back to the office.

Step three: Join forces with others in your organization.

Partnering with other functions – whether upstream or downstream – increases your chances of making good habits stick. At SiriusDecisions, we always look at things from a cross-functional perspective, helping attendees identify where, when and how they can team up with their sales, marketing and product counterparts and work together to improve role clarity, handoffs, productivity and, ultimately, performance. 

Step four: Visualize yourself succeeding.

Hearing success stories (or “failure followed by success” stories) is an incredibly powerful way to see how to make positive change stick. At Summit Europe, two ROi Honor winners will share their journeys (warts and all!), providing insight into how they identified their problem, leveraged SiriusDecisions models and frameworks to define a better way, aligned cross-functionally and kept a tight grip on progress. The Summit Europe lineup also includes four great success stories to be shared in the Programs of the Year mainstage session, 15 technology vendor case studies from Summit Europe sponsors, and countless customer examples throughout the syndicated sessions. All of these success stories help attendees visualize their own journey to success.

Step five: Surround yourself with people who work the way you want to work.

Joining an industry-wide community of like-minded individuals who see the value of what you are trying to achieve and are willing to share their own war stories, perspectives and recommendations can be an invaluable resource. Summit Europe gives you unparalleled access to a community of B2B peers and a unique opportunity to network with them across the two days. Summit also provides access to the hottest sales and marketing technology providers in the Marketplace helping you extend your network further.

Step six: Plan for setbacks, and bounce back.

No change is ever easy, so it’s important to plan for those bumps in the road – both those you can see and those you can’t see. To help with these challenges, Summit Europe sessions include real-world guidance such as operational “gotchas,” process red flags and common misconceptions that teams are likely to encounter along their journey. Sessions also include guidance on how to roll out change, gradually allowing for feedback to be solicited at regular intervals and enabling ongoing course corrections. Taking this type of phased approach to change helps avoid big bang rollouts that get derailed almost immediately due to a fundamental flaw or lack of buy-in.

With two days packed full of sessions defining what good B2B habits look like and countless success stories showing you how to make it happen, Summit Europe can help you discover how to get rid of your organization’s energy sapping bad B2B habits. And with 700 B2B professionals there on similar quests of their own, you’ll quickly realize that you are not alone. At Summit Europe, inspiration is always just a session or a conversation away.