Net Neutrality — Here We Go Again

Octavio Garcia Granados April 25, 2024
The FCC has re-instated the regulations known as Net Neutrality repealed seven years ago. Here are the things you should know to help you roll up your sleeves and develop a plan to work around the new rules.

Reflections On The Major Themes From Mobile World Congress 2024

Dan Bieler April 9, 2024
This year’s Mobile World Congress went well beyond the usual telco topics and themes. Learn six of the key themes coming out of one of the most important annual tech events in Europe.

El Futuro De La Segmentación De Redes 5G (5G Network Slicing) 

Octavio Garcia Granados February 27, 2024
Muchas de mis conversaciones recientes sobre 5G se han centrado en el futuro de la segmentación de redes. Quieren discutir fechas, desafíos, oportunidades, casos de uso e industrias. La realidad no es tan rosa como podría pensarse, dada la dependencia de comunidades ajenas a la industria de las telecomunicaciones. Como principal objetivo, la segmentación de […]

The Future Of 5G Network Slicing

Octavio Garcia Granados February 2, 2024
Get a short analysis of the future of 5G network slicing and learn how it benefits carriers and customers.

Apple Acerca 5G Network Slicing A Ser Una Realidad

Octavio Garcia Granados June 30, 2023
Network slicing es una de las características clave que diferencian las redes 5G de las generaciones anteriores. A pesar de esta promesa, la adopción de 5G network slicing ha sido casi inexistente. Aunque los desarrolladores de aplicaciones tenían la capacidad de aprovechar network slicing a partir de Android 12 (agosto de 2021) y posteriormente con […]

Apple Brings 5G Network Slicing Closer To Reality

Octavio Garcia Granados June 28, 2023
Network slicing is one of the key features differentiating 5G networks from prior generations. Despite this promise, 5G network slicing adoption has been nearly nonexistent. Although application developers had the ability to tap into network slicing starting with Android 12 (Aug. 2021) and subsequently with Android 13 (Aug. 2022), they just now got that option […]