Tell Us About Yourself

I was born in a little town in Italy in the heart of the Dolomites, an UNESCO heritage site. Walking and skiing in the mountains in the middle of nature always regenerates me! I moved to Milan to study at the university, where I completed my master’s degree in international economics and bachelor’s degree in international studies and political science. I developed a keen interest in economics, data insights, and digital while studying. Even though I am now in the job world, I like continuing to study, because sticking with things I already know would be extremely boring! I’m always looking for ways to grow, to innovate, to succeed, and to be bold at work. And now I’ve moved to Paris to join Forrester. I’m very grateful to all the people in my life who’ve supported me in this journey!

How Did You Get Interested In Data?

When people used to ask me what my favorite school subject was, I always answered, “mathematics.” People invariably found this strange, but I enjoyed mathematics because it gave me a chance to reason. As I grew up, I discovered that I preferred mathematics as applied in the sciences, which led me ultimately to international economics. But it was the data mining course that set me on my current path; I was so excited about the world of digital analytics and big data that I realized that I wanted to build my career in data. And my experience at Accenture confirmed that a mix of data insights, digital, and economics was the best “job cocktail” for me. And here at Forrester, I have the wonderful chance to collect and use a large amount of data to tell insights-driven stories about the future of data and about how data insights will change the future.

Fun Facts?

  • I smile a lot, and the most frequent question I get is, “Why are you smiling?”
  • I love eating, but I am a very slow eater; I can take an hour and a half to eat a pizza!
  • During the pandemic, I combined reading and walking by wandering around the house reading books on my phone, which caused my family to laugh at me.
  • Sometimes it happens that when I’m watching TV with a friend and that friend asks me, “Did you hear that?!” (about something surprising), my answer is: “Oh, no, sorry, I didn’t hear that. I was thinking!”

What Topics Will You Be Covering At Forrester?

At Forrester, my research will focus on digital intelligence topics (including digital analytics, experience optimization, and personalization) and also on location intelligence.

I will be contributing research to the customer experience leader service (for the “Collect And Analyze Data For Customer Insights” priority) and to the tech executive service (for the “Enable An Insights-Driven Business” priority).

What Data-Related Topics Are You Interested In Right Now?

In addition to my primary research topics on digital intelligence and location intelligence, I am specifically interested in the intersection of personalization and 5G. I am curious about how companies could embrace 5G to pursue a hyperpersonalization strategy — without being creepy. I also want to discover new ways to manage digital analytics so that everyone inside a company can see what digital data is available and how to use it.

I’m looking forward to working with you during Forrester guidance sessions, inquiries, briefings, and advisory sessions if you also are interested in digital data!