• Most organizations focus on developing portfolio messaging for prospective buyers – not for existing customers
  • Messaging for customers is different and should support a positive post-sale experience
  • Effective messaging here can drive improved customer engagement, retention and loyalty

Three years ago, at the 2014 SiriusDecisions Summit in Orlando, Florida, we introduced the revolutionary SiriusDecisions Messaging NautilusTM, a methodology for creating messaging that resonates with a target audience. Since then, SiriusDecisions has helped thousands of marketers develop messaging for prospective buyers. No doubt, buyers are an important audience for marketers. But when buyers complete the purchase, they convert into another type of important audience – customers. 

Our research shows that creating messaging to customers as they engage with providers after a purchase is different from creating messaging to prospects during the buying decision process. The business objectives are different, as are the content and interaction requirements. As organizations increase investment in customer engagement, marketers must be prepared to create messaging and content that drive adoption, retention and loyalty. Yet many organizations lack a methodology for creating post-sale customer messaging.

If you and your colleagues are responsible for portfolio marketing or customer engagement, be sure to attend SiriusDecisions Summit, May 16-19 in Las Vegas. In the track session “Messaging Nautilus: The Post-Sale Edition” my colleague Alisa Groocock and I will introduce a methodology to help marketers create messaging for existing customers. We will present best practices for identifying key customer roles and developing messaging that aligns to customer lifecycle phases.

So join us and thousands of marketing, sales and product leaders at the SiriusDecisions Summit in Las Vegas. You’ll be introduced to new research, and can network with your peers and gain insights that you can leverage to improve your organization’s performance.

If you’re a client and not able to attend, please contact your SiriusDecisions account team for more details about this session. If you’re not a client, contact us for more information.