After a record-breaking 108 inches of snow this past winter, coupled with countless days of sub-zero temperatures, we here in Boston are no strangers to being out in the cold. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we’ve endured enough snow, ice, and frozen fingers for a lifetime.

But if there’s one thing that doesn’t have to be stuck out in the cold, it's your DevOps practices. As we continue to navigate the age of the customer, we realize more and more that DevOps is becoming an essential element that your organization needs to thrive in this era. A solid understanding and successful adoption of DevOps theories and practices is necessary for getting ahead and staying ahead in today’s technology-obsessed world.

So you may be wondering – what does this mean for me? How hot or cold am I, and what can I do to improve? Amy DeMartine explores what industries have the largest (or hottest) DevOps adoption rates by application type in her brief, “DevOps – Where’s The Heat.” By understanding the temperature of your industry, you're likely to make more informed decisions and reap better benefits when it comes to DevOps success for your company.

Even if your organization doesn’t fall into one of the outlined isolated hotspots, it’s important to remember that DevOps is rapidly spreading outside of these hotspots and can eventually take over almost every industry. With that in mind, preparation is key.

DevOps heat will continue to rise, just as our frigid temperatures here in Boston (hopefully) will. Read into Amy’s report to gauge your current position and how you can increase your heat and stay ahead of the curve. Then ask yourself – how fired up am I for DevOps?