Generative AI is among the hottest topics that B2C marketers in APAC wanted to hear about from us in 2023. The most-asked questions include: What are the most applicable use cases of generative AI in marketing today? What potential does genAI offer for improving marketing efficiency? How are leading brands using generative AI for marketing and successfully delivering business value in the region?

To understand the state of generative AI for marketing in APAC, Forrester is collaborating with Campaign Asia to launch a survey on genAI usage for marketing in APAC. Questions cover:

  • Adoption and use cases: readiness, plans for adoption of use cases, and applications of generative AI in marketing
  • Investment: current and planned investments in generative AI for marketing and the impact of genAI adoption on the allocation of marketing budgets
  • Benefits and challenges: current and expected top benefits of adopting generative AI in marketing, as well as top concerns and key barriers
  • Success and governance: expected outcomes and company policies regarding using generative AI for marketing

If you are a B2C marketing decision-maker who operates or holds responsibility in the APAC region (either the brand or agency side), please spare 10 minutes to fill out the survey. Any information you provide to us will be kept strictly confidential and untraceable.

Campaign Asia and Forrester will publish the key results of the study in December 2023. All participants will receive a copy as a thank you if you leave an email address in the end of the survey. Meanwhile, we are interviewing industry experts and will include these insights in the report. If you are interested, do not hesitate to reach out.

Your input is valuable to us. If you are a B2C marketing decision-maker at a brand or an agency, please take this survey. We thank you for your help!