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Get AI Right With AI Service Providers

Aaron Katz September 13, 2022
AI can deliver value, but getting it right is a challenge. We’ve seen AI deployed successfully, like the program that discovered 20,000 undeclared pools, and less successfully, like the computer-generated rapper that was dropped by its record label over racist stereotypes. To apply AI successfully, you not only need to get the data and modeling […]

The State Of The Insights-Driven Business, 2022

Boris Evelson August 25, 2022
Firms with advanced insights-driven business (IDB) capabilities continue to outpace their competition and deliver better growth than less mature firms. What differentiates these firms is that they have consistently invested time, effort, and resources across the five IDB competencies: strategy, data, platforms, internal partners, and practices. In our latest, updated research, we found that more […]

Data Into Dollars: Can You Turn Your Data Into Revenue?

Aaron Katz June 2, 2022
Forrester's research shows that advanced insights-driven businesses were 8.5 times more likely to report at least 20% revenue growth in 2021.

The Future Of BI — No, It’s Not As Simple As “The Dashboards Are Dead”

Boris Evelson February 23, 2022
BI is alive, but its adoption needs some help. Learn the three reasons why businesses struggle to get more mileage from their business intelligence applications.

Build Your Insights Capabilities To Leapfrog Competition

Boris Evelson February 14, 2022
Insights are critical for delivering the experiences that customers demand. Learn what it takes to become a more insights-driven business.

Long-Form Natural Language Generation Is In Play This Week

Boris Evelson November 16, 2021
A Forrester recommendation in a recent report is coming to fruition. In our Augmented BI Holds New Promises, But It’s Still Early Days report, we recommended to “find the right balance between customization and automation in NLG.” We also described two forms of natural language generation (NLG) for analytics: short-form NLG — automated but limited […]

The Future Of BI: Augmented And Personalized

Boris Evelson October 28, 2021
Will AI change how users gain insights from their BI platforms? The answer is ... complicated. Join us at Data Strategy & Insights to find out more.

The BI Fabric Baby Is Slowly But Surely Growing Up

Boris Evelson August 4, 2021
BI fabric has been growing, but slowly. Learn the five architectures and technologies where it's expanding most.

Qualtrics’ $1.125B Acquisition Of Clarabridge Upends The Customer Feedback Management Market

Judy Weader July 30, 2021
Yesterday evening, Qualtrics announced that it’s acquiring Clarabridge in an all-stock deal worth $1.125 billion. This is a great move for Qualtrics. In one swoop, it has secured the best-in-class analytics capabilities that will define the future of voice-of-the-customer programs as firms decrease their reliance on surveys and focus instead on understanding customers based on […]

Push-Down Query Capabilities: Five Questions To Ask Your Cloud BI Provider

Boris Evelson March 8, 2021
Learn how to balance your need for a hybrid environment with the benefits of an elastic cloud-based BI platform.

TIBCO’s Acquisition Of Information Builders Signals More BI Market Consolidation

Boris Evelson October 22, 2020
The business intelligence (BI) vendor consolidation trend that started earlier in 2019 continues. Today, TIBCO announced its intent to acquire Information Builders, Inc. (IBI) — one of the oldest players in the market. Want to get the real sense of how far back IBI goes? It was one of the first vendors to offer reporting and analytics on mainframes! It still does, and it’s quite a unique capability today, only […]

Amplify Intelligence With AI And Analytics — Forrester’s Virtual Data & Insights Forum, October 13–15

Boris Evelson October 5, 2020
They say data is the new oil. They say data is the new currency. They say data is the key competitive differentiator. All true. But reality is sobering: Only 7% of firms report advanced, insights-driven practices. Respondents to the same survey claimed that less than half (49%) of all business decisions in their enterprise are […]

BI Is Dead; Long Live BI

Boris Evelson September 21, 2020
Enterprise BI is not dead, It's alive and thriving. But there are changes ahead. Learn about five of them here.

Just Published: Dual Forrester Wave™ Evaluations On Text Analytics

Boris Evelson June 17, 2020
Enterprises have been successfully leveraging analytics platforms such as business intelligence (BI), predictive analytics based on machine learning (PAML), cognitive search, and others for multiple applications and use cases for decades. That has not been the case with text analytics or natural language processing (NLP) technologies. Forrester tracks over a hundred vendors whose platforms are […]

Data, Analytics, And Insights Investments Produce Tangible Benefits — Yes, They Do

Boris Evelson May 18, 2020
If you set out to build a “boil the ocean” business case for why to invest in data, analytics, and insights initiatives — stop. Use your precious time to instead focus on prioritizing the investment categories across where you are in your business-insights maturity, because they will yield tangible benefits — both top- and bottom-line […]

Forrester 2019 Enterprise BI Platform Wave™ Evaluations — Research Update

Boris Evelson July 29, 2019
Forrester has just published 2019 refreshes of our enterprise business intelligence (BI) platform Wave™ evaluations. As the BI market and the technology continue to evolve, so does our research. This year, we emphasized: New market segmentation by both vendor-managed and client-managed platforms, which roughly equate to on-premises and cloud-based platforms, respectively, but not quite. Since […]

Business Intelligence Market Consolidation — What To Expect Next

Boris Evelson July 24, 2019
The past two years have seen a significant divergence in the maturity of the supply and demand sides of the business intelligence (BI) market. This divergence will influence market dynamics for the next two years and affect enterprise insights leaders making strategic vendor and platform decisions. Specifically, the: Supply side is very mature. BI technology […]

Enterprise BI Platforms Are Low-Code App Dev’s Best Kept Secret

Boris Evelson July 11, 2019
I recently had the privilege (not to mention a lot of fun) to participate in a brainstorming session with a large enterprise software vendor and my esteemed colleagues John Rymer, Rob Koplowitz, and Jeffrey Hammond on the topic of low-code app dev. It’s not a well-known fact (but Forrester has been publicizing it for a […]

The BI Vendor Landscape Is Going Through Significant Changes — What Can You Do To Protect Your Investments?

Boris Evelson June 10, 2019
The business intelligence (BI) market is going through a round of significant consolidation. Earlier this month, Sisense acquired Periscope Data; last week, Google announced its intention to acquire Looker; and today, Salesforce announced the intention to acquire Tableau Software. A smaller company, Logi Analytics, has also been on an acquisition spree, acquiring Zoomdata today and […]

Forrester’s 2019 Business Intelligence Vendor Landscape

Boris Evelson March 26, 2019
Information technology keeps moving forward at an ever-increasing pace. Business intelligence (BI) technology isn’t falling behind and keeps constantly evolving. Gone are the days when vendors categorized themselves as: IT-focused and enterprise-scalable vs. business-user-focused BI platforms mostly going after departmental and line of business use cases. All legacy, formerly IT-focused BI vendors have moved squarely […]
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