Virtual Care Blog Series — Part 1

Healthcare will remain forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Seemingly overnight, consumer demand shifted to convenient access through virtual care. Healthcare organizations must shift their approach for member and patient engagement from reactive to proactive to meet the needs of the new healthcare consumer and ensure future success in a post-pandemic world.

Since the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic, healthcare has experienced hockey stick growth in virtual care. CVS Health and other healthcare institutions are reporting over 600% increases in virtual care visits for Q1 2020. The need to seek care virtually first is uncovering consumer challenges with access to virtual care. From our research, we know that 23% of consumers lack confidence in their ability to access virtual care.

Watch this video blog to learn more about how virtual care growth is accelerating and what barriers still need to be broken down for consumers.

Please tune in each week to hear how virtual care is reshaping the healthcare industry. We will be sharing key insights, data, and trends from vendors and healthcare organizations in this space.

Special thanks to HealthVerity for its contribution to this blog.