Brad-Holmes  I have been sharing what is "hot" in our research stream in e mail blasts to Forrester employees, and in broadcast e mail newsletters to you, for, well, years now.  Meanwhile, our IT guys must think I am a serious hoarder given how often they have to remind me to clean up my many-mega-bit in box. So what am I doing adding to everyone else's e mail in-box clutter when my own is shamefully overflowing?

Ok, so this blog thing is not the end of e mail, just like eFurniture was never really going to put Jordan's or Macy's Home out of business, but I can contribute to a greener internet if I send out fewer total bits by using this channel over my one-to-many e mail habit…right?

So, here is "what's hot" in our recent research stream based on what our clients are reading the most.  The question for you is: are they on to something or missing the point?  Your peers that is 🙂 If you have push-back on the research, let's hear that here, or give it straight to the analysts by scoring these docs at the Forrester site. 

Platform-as-a-Service Market Sizing  Stefan Reid makes the case for $15 billion in 2016. Any arguments?

US and Global IT Market Outlook: Q2 09 Andy Bartels says things won't get much worse, and year over year growth begins in Q4. Now given that Q4 08 was not so hot, the return to growth in 2009 is just a first, small — but hopeful – step toward recovery.  Are you seeing the same signs as Andy?

The Personal Cloud I like it when we publish things that stir folks up. People either agree with Frank Gillett on this one, or don't!  How bout you?

I could go on, but lets stick with the magic 3 for now and I will update you every so often on the research that folks seem to love…or not. 

Thanks, Brad