When it comes to their customers, Indian organizations are an ambitous lot. In a Forrester survey of Indian business and technology decision-makers, 70% of respondents said CX was going to be high or critical priority for their companies. But that is just one part of the story. CX is about what customers perceive, not what companies claim. What do Indian customers think about the experiences they have with companies in India?

To find out, in 2016, Forrester used its Customer Experience Index (CX IndexTM) methodology to measure and benchmark the CX of 72 India brands across eight industries. 

Forrester’s CX Index score measures how successfully a company delivers customer experiences that create and sustain loyalty. CX Index scores were based on an online survey (fielded in May through July 2016) of 18,033 individuals ages 18 and older in nine metropolitan areas in India.

The India CX Index 2016 report containing the highlights of the 2016 survey results is out.  Here’s a sneak peek into the report.

Compared with 2015, we saw few interesting improvements. For example,

  • Most industry average scores went up. Each year, we rank industries by the mean scores of their brands. This year, some industry averages increased as much as six points over last year. But last year’s leaders — banks and mobile manufacturers — found it tougher to do, and made only modest gains overall.
  • Number of brands in the good CX category increased. Depending on their CX Index scores, brands are bucketed into different categories — excellent, good, OK, poor, and very poor. This year, the number of brands with good scores almost doubled over last year.
  • Over half of the brands saw significant movement in their scores. Compared with last year, 39 brands moved a significant 5 points up or more. Many of these were from wireless services providers, traditional retail, and digital-only retail industries.


However, Indian enterprises are not there yet in their CX journey. I will share some more insights from the India CX Index 2016 report in my next blog post. Watch out for it.

The full report is available on Forrester.com here.