With Forrester’s Digital Transformation & Innovation 2019 Forum in Chicago right around the corner, I’m happy to introduce something new this year on the sponsor floor: the Experience Zone.

What is it?

The Experience Zone is an opportunity to play around and interact directly with solutions that leverage some of the emerging technologies, like AI and video recognition, that you’ll be hearing more about during the sessions. I’ll be leading attendees through the Experience Zone — discussing how I see customers taking advantage of these types of immersive experiences in partner selection and ensuring that attendees get a chance to play the customer for each solution.

Why an Experience Zone?

To master tech-driven transformation, first you need to know what’s possible. In my research covering digital studios, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in dozens of immersive demos that range from using AI for fraud detection in loan processing to mixed reality for field maintenance training in utilities. Getting your hands on these solutions helps to bridge the gap between the promise of what could be possible with real enterprise use cases that are in action today.

How can you participate?

For those of you already registered for the Forum, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up directly in the app. For those still considering attending, check out the full event details here. I look forward to seeing everyone in Chicago!