The focus on government CX is not a fad. The new Improving Customer Experience cross-agency priority (CAP) goal in the President’s Management Agenda makes that crystal clear. The goal requires federal agencies to match the private sector and make creating a “modern, streamlined, and responsive experience” a “focal point for agency leadership.” What’s more, the CX CAP goal obliges agencies to measure and report on their progress.

Faced with major goals like these, federal agencies have to stop nibbling around the edges of CX problems. And many agencies are trying. They’re eagerly embracing new digital technologies – like bots, AI, and blockchain – as key elements of their strategies. But to be successful, agencies must also think bigger and dig deeper by transforming not just their tech, but also their organizations, cultures, measurement, and security/privacy practices.

To guide these efforts, CX DC 2018 – Forrester’s government-focused customer experience forum – will feature a host of top Forrester experts and customer-centric government leaders you won’t hear anywhere else. They’ll provide thought leadership and actionable advice for government executives who are excited by the power of digital CX to transform their agencies’ performance. Here’s just a taste of the inspiring, actionable agenda we have in store:

  • Margaret Rodriguez, one of Forrester’s top data analysts, will dive deep into the drivers of government CX to help agencies focus their efforts where they’ll matter most.
  • Senior Analyst Heidi Shey will explain how government CX professionals can help their agencies’ security teams work with – not against – broader CX efforts.
  • Principal Analyst Sam Stern will examine proven ways to create better employee experiences that, in turn, lead to better CX.
  • Speakers from OMB and VA will discuss how to focus CX efforts to align with agency mission and mandate.
  • Anahita Reilly, GSA chief customer officer, will get past the motherhood-and-apple-pie discussion of collaboration to provide best practices on having hard conversations that drive customer-centric transformations.

We’re announcing new speakers all the time. Check out the CX DC website for more details and to get your tickets today!