In our research, we find that the most common solution type offered by B2B organizations is marketecture. This type of solution is created by applying segment-specific (e.g. industry vertical) messaging to individual products and services.

MessagingMarketecture offerings require a strong focus on messaging and positioning. This requires an understanding of specific industry trends, business issues, processes and vernacular. Not only must marketers convey the value of the offering, but they also must relate its capabilities to the problems and needs of the buyer in that specific industry.

The SiriusDecisions Messaging Nautilus is especially pertinent to organizations with marketecture in their portfolio. The first two arcs, or steps, in this methodology require a thorough analysis of the target segments and buyers:

  1. Audience isolation. This step involves the definition of target customer segments (e.g. industry, geo, organization type, buying center, persona) for the offering. Important to this exercise is identification of the key issues and buyer needs at each audience echelon or level. Additionally, marketing (in collaboration with sales and product teams) uses relative targeting and vertical assessment methods to identify the best growth opportunities and level of organizational readiness.
  2. Persona context. Messaging is created to connect with the buyer and compel his or her progression through the buyer’s journey. Understanding the persona’s needs, interests, buying behavior and preferences in the language that it uses is essential to developing value propositions and content that resonate and demonstrate the organization’s expertise in the industry.

These are the first two critical steps in developing marketecture messaging. The subsequent arcs in the Messaging Nautilus help marketers to establish the messaging strategy and create narrative elements that are used in content creation.  For more information about the Messaging Nautilus™, click here to download the Messaging Nautilus™ information guide.

If your organization offers marketecture solutions, take the time to assess the effectiveness of your marketing and sales content. More than any other solution type, the key to marketecture success is leveraging audience insight to create messaging that resonates.

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