• Marketing operations training is vital for teams to succeed
  • SiriusPathways™ gives ongoing access to marketing operations training for one full year
  • SiriusPathways™ marketing operations training includes tools and templates for learners to practice with

At our SiriusDecisions Summit 2016 event in Nashville, I chatted in our Marketplace with a group of marketing operations leaders, listening as they discussed some of the challenges they face. The theme of this year’s Summit was “The Art and Science of Intelligent Growth,” and these marketers were talking about how much they live on the front lines of that duality: their daily work in emerging areas of automated marketing processes, the sea of data they produce and consume, and the proliferation of tools and vendors that make all sorts of claims about their benefits. Marketers must connect all of these complex pieces to budgets and planning, all while remaining engaged with the personal and creative side of marketing as it intersects with buyers and customers in a meaningful way. Their challenge is balance, not just in their own workflow, but within their teams as they help bring these new skills into the organization.

Most interesting of all? Not a single person at the table had “marketing operations” in their official title. Marketing operations is a vital and critical discipline area, but it often lives in unexpected places and does yeoman’s work in the organization under a host of names: marketing strategy, marketing excellence, marketing management.

No matter what it is called, however, one thing is clear: In today’s data- and tech-driven world, you can’t afford to run a marketing organization that doesn’t have a strong skill set in measurement, automation, process, reporting, budgeting, planning, data management and analysis. For senior B2B marketing leaders focused on these discipline areas, we offer our Marketing Operations Strategies Advisory Service.

For team members throughout the marketing organization who need to acquire one or more of these skills, we have robust, innovative training courses – SiriusPathways – to quickly bring these competencies into the organization. After completing one of these courses, you and your team will be able to perform the following for each pathway:

Advanced Measurement Pathway

  • Build a comprehensive, organized measurement framework for the organization
  • Adjust, analyze, report and improve reporting systematically

Data Management Pathway

  • Create clear standards and processes for building data strategy, integrity and collection
  • Respond to new challenges, integrate new systems and adjust to new business drivers

Campaign Planning Pathway

  • Craft a reliable campaign framework that organizes marketing functions throughout the organization for best-in-class execution
  • Create measurements, budgets and campaign plans that connect with financial, technological and strategic planning efforts

These skills aren’t just nice to have. They are must-have competencies in B2B marketing today. If you want to learn more about how SiriusDecisions provides research-based learning that helps you and your team compete, you can get answers here or talk to us (email learning@siriusdecisions.com).

Want to learn even more? We also have a webcast on the Science of Skills Transformation on June 29 at 11:30 a.m. eastern time. Register here!