So, we knew this and we've been showing this in our forecasts for sometime.

Personalization applications have been phenomenal for wireless carriers for the past few years, but we've believed that it would take more applications oriented towards entertainment and utility (e.g., information services, mapping, etc.) to drive demand beyond young adults and teens.

AT&T Wireless released their top ten selling applications and games for Q1 2008. Entertainment takes three if not four of the top spots – depending on how you want to define MusicID. MySpace Mobile – social networking – is the third ranked. One could argue that those with ringtone or wallpaper applications may have downloaded them long ago and are simply adding content. Still, it's a very different list than we would have seen two years ago.

Q1 Top Selling Apps

2)XM Radio
3)MySpace Mobile
6)My-Cast Weather
7)The Weather Channel
9) eBay
10) Billboard Mobile Channel

They also released their list of top-selling games. Interestingly, they don't look that different than lists from other carriers that I saw a couple of years ago. I've seen some amazing mobile games in the past year – why there aren't more being sold is an interesting question.

Q1 Top Selling Games

3)PAC-MAN by Namco
4)Wheel of Fortune 2007
5)Diner Dash
6)Midnight Pool
7)Ms.PAC-MAN by Namco
8)World Poker Tour ™ – Texas Hold ‘Em
9)World Poker Tour 2
10) Guitar Hero® III Mobile